Volusia County Animal Services is hosting a free microchip event from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 4. In addition to microchipping pets, free pet food will be distributed at the event while supplies last.

Saturday’s event will take place at Volusia County Animal Services headquarters, 1250 Indian Lake Road, Daytona Beach, marking the eighth free community event that Animal Services has hosted since last June.

“Pets are family members. And we want to make sure that families stay together – all the time, and especially during the holidays,” said Animal Services Director Adam Leath. “If a pet goes missing, the quickest and surest way to expedite their safe return is to have them microchipped. We have plenty of success stories to show the effectiveness of microchips, and that’s why we continue to provide this free service to the community.”

Drive-thru event

Animal Services has microchipped more than 1,600 pets during the community events.

About the size of a grain of rice, microchips are implanted just under the pet’s skin. With the wave of a hand-held wand over the animal’s back, the ID code on the microchip will lead to the owner’s name and contact information -- significantly increasing the odds of a happy reunion with pets that get lost or separated from their home.

For safety and convenience, this will be a drive-thru event. While residents won’t have to get out of their vehicle, they’re encouraged to wear a face covering. Those bringing a pet to the event for a microchip should have their dogs on a leash and cats secured in a crate. Staff will remove the pet from the vehicle and then return the pet to its owner just a few minutes later.

“Implanting a microchip is a very quick and painless procedure,” said Leath. “And it’s a great way to ensure a safe holiday season for you and your pets.”

To expedite service at the event, the microchip consent form can be printed and filled out before arrival. The form can be downloaded by clicking on: https://bit.ly/3lELxbz

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