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There is no doubt that food is a solution to some of our problems, and if you love food and dining with your partner, then this might spark your attention. Many U.S. cities have different food cultures, but when it comes to affordability, best specials, and dishes, these top destinations might be closer to home than you think!

Orlando #1

According to a study by MyDatingAdviser.com titled, 2021′s Best and Worst Foodie Cities for Couples, Orlando ranks number one for best foodie city for couples to visit in America. Orlando was given a ‘Foodie City Index Score’ of 89.00 (out of 100 possible points). So, what exactly makes Orlando a top destination for foodie couples to visit?

Well, an average meal for two is $50, a bottle of wine is $12, beer is $4, and a cappuccino is $4.56. The top restaurants that couples love are Tiffins Restaurant, The Edison, Black Rooster Taqueria, Capa, and Ceviche.

If you are looking for a black-owned spot, try Nikki’s Place, a warm restaurant featuring the finer side of soul food, Southern cuisine, located less than two minutes from downtown.

Tampa #4

Orlando isn’t the only city in Florida to make the cut. Tampa ranks No. 4, receiving a “Foodie City Index Score” of 82.17. In Tampa, the average cost of a meal for two is $55, the average cost of a bottle of wine is $10, beer is $5, and a cappuccino is $4.02. Top restaurants are Rooster & The Till, La Segunda, La Teresita, Pipo’s Cuban Cafe, and The Columbia.

One black-owned restaurant that specializes in having a warm ambiance, excellent service, and crafted cocktails is 7th & Grove located in Ybor City. The restaurant and lounge was founded by college friends and gives you an upgrade to your traditional southern cuisine.

Daytona Beach #38

Daytona Beach makes the 38th spot on the list with a ‘Foodie City Index Score’ of 64.50.

Kale Cafe Juice Bar & Vegan Cuisine is a local black-owned spot for all things healthy and delicious. They use organic and local foods, always evolving their menu to their customers' taste, and are 100% vegan!

Other cities that made the top 10 list are Houston, Savannah, New Orleans and Chicago.

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