Pastors and Leaders Unity Day set for July 30 in DeLeon Springs

The Christians Merging Together Ministry (CMTM) is hosting a Pastors and Leaders Unity Day on July 30.

The in-person event will be held at Chuck Lennon Park, 5000 Greenfield Dairy Road, DeLeon Springs. There will be speakers, singers and prayers, as well as food trucks and “love gift” giveaways. Live broadcast of Unity Day will be broadcast via Zoom across the country.

Over 100 pastors are expected to participate locally and over 100 pasters from across the country plan to participate virtually.

“God said that this is the time for the people of our nation humble themselves,” said Pastor Sammy L. Jackson, minister of CMTM. “Ask him for corrections because correction is not rejection. But correction will make you a better person.”

With high-tension political friction across the country, Jackson believes it is time for people to return to their roots. He reminds Americans that their forefather founded the country on trust in God, and that the country can regain its strength by putting its trust back into the hands of God once again.

“It’s time to be about the business of our Father’s kingdom, so I say to you today: Follow God’s vision and accept his invitation. Let him in,” said Jackson. “Prayers matters – and your prayers matter – because when you stand fast and wait on God, your prayers will make change happen.”

CMTM urges an end to violence, which stems from divisions in society. The focus is on helping young people turn issues over to God rather than to violently take matters into their own hands, Jackson added.

Participants are encouraged to bring folding lawn chairs and wear their church’s logo T-shirts.

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Don't always have a lots to say, But CMTM Foundation has been working very hard to help communities to understand about unity. so this is my assignment for the past 20 years and hope and pray Daytona Beach Florida. Understand that sitting on the side line doesn't change anything, but if we can come together in Unity working with each other changes happen. Please help us encourage our young people killing each other bring more violence and blood shed into your community. Pastor's and Leaders across Volusia county it is our responsibility to be the Shepard over your community and lead the people in the right direction. Nothing can happen, only if yourself allow it. Remember the next time you hear about someone be shot and killed, ask yourself could I have prevented it. When drug dealer selling drugs on your doorstep are your prayers really working. Come out from among those walls spreading the gospel into the streets.

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