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BY STACY M. BROWN NNPA NEWSWIRE Five years after his sudden death, the icon Prince’s estate is releasing new music that is sure to excite his still loyal fanbase. The new “Welcome 2 America” CD marks the first time Prince’s estate is releasing never-before heard music from the megastar’s famous Paisley Park vault. Fans got […]

With the death of George Floyd and the indictment of racist police officers, America is forced to examine its system of trust and integrity. It is very easy to indict the entire police force and write everyone off as racist police, but the chief in Minneapolis is a Black man. Not only is the chief […]

If it were not for the Black church in America, our long struggle for freedom, justice, equality, equity, and empowerment would not have made the progress that has been accomplished over the past. I speak in the tradition of my Presbyterian great-great grandfather, the Rev. John Chavis (1763-1838) in North Carolina and the Rev. Nat […]