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PREPARING FOR A FINANCIAL EMERGENCY FROM FAMILY FEATURES The new year provides an opportunity to re-evaluate different aspects of your life, and that includes your budget and savings habits. Planning for emergencies by building – or rebuilding if the COVID-19 pandemic required making a withdrawal – a savings account to with stand the unforeseen can […]

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BY JENNIE PHIPPS BANKRATE.COM/TNS If you’ve hit 40 and managed to avert a midlife crisis – congratulations. That sporty red convertible at the dealer showroom can wait if you want to be smart about money management. Here are five money lessons that everyone should learn by age 40. Young adults who adopt these lessons early […]

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Here’s how to choose which way to go BY AMY FONTINELLE BANKRATE.COM/TNS Simple math suggests it’s likely better to get rid of debt before saving for retirement or adding to your emergency fund. In general, if the interest you pay is higher than the interest you earn, you’re losing money. But personal finance decisions are […]